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Vivid Studio Insider for November 11, 2005

Vivid Studio Insider for November 11, 2005

STEVEN HIRSCH DEBATES ON “YOUR WORLD WITH NEIL CAVUTO” -- Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch held a live on-the-air debate Thursday November 10th on the Fox News Channel program “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” The topic was whether adult content should be allowed on mobile devices. Hirsch’s opponent in the debate, National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families executive Jack Samad called for an outright ban. Hirsch rejected his argument and said there are adequate safeguards against access by children, which in the end is a parental responsibility. “I suspect there is something else going on here—that this is purely a censorship play. Every time there’s a new distribution platform for adult content these groups get up in arms and want to get rid of adult content, and it doesn’t work.”

SUNNY’S AN XCITEMENT COVER GIRL -- Vivid Girl Sunny Leone is a stunning cover girl on the November issue of Xcitement magazine. The Florida adult scene publication shows Sunny wearing glittering gold Indian bling and nothing else. Inside she’s the star of a six-page pictorial feature and interview that begins: “Ravishing Indian beauty Sunny Leone is the new Vivid Girl and her first movie is coming out any minute!” (Actually, “Sunny” has just been released.) Sunny tells Xcitement editor Cindi Loftus that in her personal life “I am active. I’m a little bit on the shy side. I like guys to get to know me and then I’ll take them on the wild ride.” Sunny is also profiled in the current issue of Xtreme magazine. She tells an interviewer that she has “always been fascinated by a woman’s body. I never experienced anything sexual, though, until I was 21 and I liked it!”

LANNY BARBY GOES TO XTREME -- Vivid Girl Lanny Barby is featured in the current issue of Xtreme magazine, which says she is “as sultry as they come… she has already been compared to Marylyn Monroe, with her insatiable sexual appetite and the fact that she can be resisted by neither man nor woman.” The magazine puts in a pitch for Lanny’s new Vivid movie, “Circus” and predicts that the beauty will “skyrocket to superstardom.”

FORBES FOCUS ON VIVID’S IPOD SOLUTION -- The Forbes magazine website recently examined adult companies' plans to utilize Apple's iPod for video downloads. Their main focus was on Vivid Entertainment Group's plans, noting that soon Vivid will begin selling downloads of The New Devil in Miss Jones, formatted to play on Apple's players. The company will also have ten free trailers available to download for iPod use at its Web site. Vivid co-founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch is quoted as saying "We're always looking for new ways to distribute our content, and this is yet another way to get content out to consumers." The article notes that Vivid “will have sold $10 million worth of screen savers, clips and other cell phone geegaws this year” and quotes Hirsch as predicting that “portable porn in every format will take off shortly. ‘The entire entertainment business is changing to portable devices,’ he says. ‘I think that the dollars are going to shift with it.’"