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SUNNY LEONE’S FIRST RELEASE IS OUT --- The much anticipated first release by Vivid Girl Sunny Leone hit the market last week. “Sunny” is a steamy erotic film starring Sunny Leone in five different erotic and exotic fantasy scenes. The 5’4”, 110-pound, dark-haired beauty, who was a Penthouse Pet of the Year prior to signing on as a Vivid Girl last year gets a lot of help from three Vivid Girls -- Lanny Barby, Stefani Morgan and Lexie Marie. “Sunny” was directed by B. Skow, who has earned a reputation for what critics have called his “cinematically twisted vision of eroticism in modern life.” There’s additional media interest in the film because it’s believed to be the first North American adult feature ever to star an actress of South Asian descent.

THE NEW DEVIL SOARS – “The New Devil in Miss Jones” has climbed to the top of the AVN Top 25 Sales and Rentals chart. Vivid is well represented on the chart this week, with “Janine’s Been Blackmaled” in the number five slot and “Tom Sizemore’s Sex Scandal,” which made the list just one week after its release. The Sizemore video continues to get worldwide media attention because of the Paris Hilton connection. In an interview contained in the DVD, Sizemore says he bedded Ms. Hilton after a party at his home in 2001. At first Ms. Hilton denied even knowing Sizemore, but after Vivid produced a picture of the two cuddling, she had to backtrack on her story and admit she did know Mr. Sizemore. The publicity has sparked increased interest in the DVD.

SAVANNA’S “MEN’S FITNESS” COLUMN IS HOT --Vivid Girl Savanna Samson pulls no punches in her first column for Men’s Fitness Magazine’s online service. Her very first question comes from a man who says he and his wife are thinking of inviting another gentlemen into their bed. Savanna gives the idea a thumbs up: “I think it's fantastic that the two of you are open and willing to bring a third person into your bedroom and it's wise that that person is a male. In my experience there are less feelings of jealousy when there is a man in the mix when you first start to experiment. After you both realize that even though you are with a third person you belong to each other and no one will change that, then any feelings of jealousy will go away and you will thoroughly be able to enjoy the experience. The full column is available at: