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BUZZ CONTINUES FOR “VIVID VALLEY” ON PLAYBOY --Media interest continues in “Vivid Valley,” the 13-part documentary series on Vivid that is airing on Playboy TV (available free to subscribers and as a pay-per-view to non-subscribers). The San Fernando Valley Business Journal covered the documentary in this week’s issue. The article noted that “If Huge Hefner and his rotating cast of girlfriends opted to allow cameras into the Playboy mansion for his E! Entertainment network reality show, then some producer somewhere would’ve been remiss not to have tried to give the documentary treatment to adult entertainment powerhouse Vivid Entertainment. Accordingly, last week marked the U.S. debut of the 13-part weekly one-hour documentary series that goes behind the doors of Cahuenga Pass-based Vivid, focusing on the public and private lives of Vivid co-founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch and the Vivid girls, Vivid’s own stable of contract girls.” Hirsch is quoted as saying, “This was different from other offers that we had earlier considered because we had the opportunity to work with World of Wonder, a production company known for its powerful documentaries,” Hirsch said. “We are always interested in finding creative avenues to extend and expand the Vivid brand and this series is one of them.”

SAVANNA’S COLUMN DEBUTS ON MEN’S FITNESS WEBSITE --- On Monday October 17th Vivid Girl Savanna Samson begins offering sex advice to visitors to, the popular website for Men’s Fitness magazine. The magazine decided to hire Savanna for a regular gig after getting reader reaction to tips she offered in the September issue of the in an article entitled “Orgasm Insurance” that accompanied a sexy double-page pictorial. The candid Savanna, of course, provided direct and very explicit guidance. Belisa Vranich, the magazine’s Sex & Relationships editor, said “Savanna was a big hit with readers and so we think an ongoing column entitled 'Ask Savanna' will be very popular."

VIVID FICTION SERIES GETS ATTENTION -- The new series of erotic fiction based on the adventures of the Vivid Girls is getting attention in the book publishing press. The BookStandard is out this week with a story on the series and an interview with Savanna Samson. It begins: “Oh, the stodgy world of fiction. Even in its most risqué forms, it rarely converges with the cynical, sex-sells approach of the porn industry (Judith Regan notwithstanding). But now comes Vivid Entertainment—the megalithic porn outfit whose forays into print media have been, until recently, largely confined to the covers of dirty DVDs—to rattle the cage a bit. Vivid has produced, with Thunder’s Mouth Press, a series of erotic novels in an attempt to leverage the “Vivid Girls” brand. Vamp and Day of the Dead, which were released earlier this week…” Savanna says she’s planning to write her own book one of these days and says it will be “completely out of the ordinary. It’s about what men want and what women need. It’s not a how-to book or a novel of any kind. It’s just something that’s asked of me often. A lot of it is sexual, but I always felt that I could adjust to any situation, and I think that if women could be more like that, their relationships would last longer and both sides could learn to give and take.”