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THE BUZZ BUILDS FOR THE NEW DEVIL --- THE BUZZ BUILDS FOR THE NEW DEVIL – It was another lively media week for Vivid’s The New Devil in Miss Jones. On Tuesday one of the world’s most prestigious business publications, The Financial Times, carried a lengthy story on Vivid and the movie by Joshua Chaffin with the headline “The rise of a premium porn producer.” Reporter Chaffin noted that Savanna Samson, “who could pass as Britney Spears’ curvaceous cousin, is one of the best-known adult film stars. Her latest production, The New Devil in Miss Jones, may mark a watershed for the industry.” The story also observes that the film “cost more than $250,000 to produce. That is roughly 10-times the typical outlay for such a film. In adult entertainment terms, Vivid is betting that the title will be the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster.”

In addition to The Financial Times article, Savanna and director Paul Thomas appeared on numerous radio programs to promote the movie, including three Sirius radio shows and they also did a two hour radio tour with X Radio Networks that covered stations in Boston, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Hartford, Louisville, Kansas City, Buffalo and other markets.

THE CASSAVETES OF PORN --- New York Press entertainment reporter J.R. Taylor attended the New Devil launch party at Crobar and came away impressed by his interview with director Paul Thomas. He quotes Thomas as saying, "This film is as good and emotionally true as any X-rated film ever made. It equals or surpasses the original." Then Taylor adds: “That's the confidence that turned the former adult star into the John Cassavetes of porn. Most people in the industry gave up on storytelling after the invention of the Fast Forward button. Thomas insists on dramatic scenes and a leisurely pace. A big company like Vivid likes that attitude, but it hasn't made Thomas a household name for people who shouldn't have households… I get home and watch The New Devil In Miss Jones, and I kinda feel like I did about the remake of Dawn Of The Dead. It's a great movie that also succeeds in not pissing me off. Savanna gets to showcase her study of Stella Adler. There's a nice turn by Jenna Jameson that proves she can still be an interesting performer.”

VIVID/PLAYBOY TV SERIES CONTINUES -- The 13-part weekly one-hour documentary series that goes behind the secretive, closed doors of Vivid Entertainment continues on Playboy TV. VIVID VALLEY is a World of Wonder production from award-winning producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato ("The Eyes of Tammy Faye," "Party Monster," "Inside Deep Throat"). The producers were granted an unprecedented all-access pass into the public passions and private lives of Vivid's stars and Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. Fenton Bailey, co-CEO of World of Wonder says the series is “a testament to the considerable courage and artistic commitment of Playboy TV that they are airing this series which no other network dared." VIVID VALLEY premiered Saturday, October 1 (9:30pm ET / 10:30pm PT) and airs each Saturday for 13 one-hour episodes. The series originally was called “Porno Valley” when it aired on Channel 4 and Sky TV in the U.K., where it developed a loyal following.