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VIVID SIZEMORE DVD CREATES MAINSTREAM/ADULT CROSSOVER BUZZ ---When Vivid announced it would release rehabbing actor Tom Sizemore’s sex tape on DVD October 19, there was an immediate crossover buzz from mainstream media. Radio station DJs, newspaper gossip columnists and other media jumped on the potential for juicy news about The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal. The Vivid DVD will include 70 minutes of footage showing the actor cavorting with up to three women at once. Vivid’s release (which follows Xpays’ release of the footage on the Internet), will feature additional exclusive footage, including an interview with the star of Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan. At the time the sex footage was shot, Sizemore reportedly had up to nine women living with him. “It was not uncommon to shoot (video) for fun or just because,” he has said. “When you have nine women all the time, you start to think that you will run out of things to do; it’s a timing issue. We would watch a movie and then make our own or just turn on the camera and go at it. I love acting, I love women…”

BLOCKBUSTER PRE-SALE FOR THE NEW DEVIL -- Vivid is getting unprecedented positive feedback from the adult sales community about The New Devil in Miss Jones, which goes on sale September 28th. National Sales Manager Howard Levine says that the film is already the biggest adult movie he’s ever handled in terms of pre-sale of the special three-disc set that contains the original movie and the new feature with five different language soundtracks. Says Levine: “Based on everything we are hearing from the field, this film deserves all the raves it is getting.” Among those raves is this comment from Mike Barry, Director of Adult Operations, DVD Empire: “The New Devil in Miss Jones promises to further the Jenna Jameson phenomenon and is worthy of the Vivid name. Adult movie pre-orders are not the norm, but The New Devil in Miss Jones is racking up sales prior to the street date at an alarming rate! I can’t wait to see what this title does when we actually have it on our shelves – if we can keep it in stock!!! Vivid strikes gold again.” And Debi Yoskey, Buyer at GVA says: “The New Devil in Miss Jones is, without a doubt, the most anticipated film of the year. It will definitely dominate our sales for years to come. Vivid and Club Jenna have created another blockbuster.”

NEW DEVIL LAUNCH EVENTS UNDERWAY IN NEW YORK CITY ---The promotion of The New Devil in Miss Jones has been launched with a campaign that includes a billboard in Times Square and a release party in New York City on September 29th at top nightspot Crobar. In an unprecedented nod to the importance of the film, The New York Times has already previewed it – the first time an adult film has ever been previewed in The Times. Another big promotional effort is a venture between Vivid and Genesis magazine, which has produced a 32-page supplement devoted to the movie. It hits newsstands September 27th. Director Paul Thomas and Miss Jones star Savanna Samson will both be on hand in New York City during launch week for media appearances, including one on The Howard Stern Show. And, original Devil star Georgina Spelvin, who has a role in The New Devil, has also been making media appearances in connection with her cameo role in the film. She is now nearing 70 and lives in Southern California, where she has been working on her steamy memoirs. Visit for more information and images on this blockbuster adult film event.