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Vivid Girl Briana Banks is the subject of a steamy four-page pictorial and feature in the current issue (#47) of the British men’s magazine ICE. She’s No. 7 in a series called “Porn In the USA” and the magazine says “She’s wiggled her teutonic behind over every bent manhood in the business” and notes that the “long-legged human rabbit doesn’t mind making the odd withdrawal or two.” The next issue of ICE (# 48) anoints Vivid Girl Lexie Marie as No. 8 in the series, noting that “straight out of cheerleading and gymnastics comes Lexie Marie—the triple-X Mariah Carey.” The writer notes that “we despise Carey as much as the next man, but where the rather po-faced superstar’s most impressive stunt is opening garage doors with her larynx, Lexie prefers to fuck people like Rocco Siffredi for the pleasure of connoisseurs like us.” Lexie is quoted as saying, “having sex in front of people—I just like it.”


The September All-Star issue of OUI magazine features a photo Vivid Girls Savanna Samson and Jenna Jameson and an article by Adult Insider reporter Tony Sprackle on the filming of the newest sequel to Where the Boys Aren’t. Savanna said that during the productiosn “Everyone got along so great. When you put us all in one room it’s easy for girls to feel intimidated, but it just did not happen.” The film was directed by Chi Chi Larue. Joining Savanna were Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Mercedez, Lanny Barby, Tawny Roberts and the Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey, plus Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie and Stefani Morgan.


According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Vivid Girl Savanna Samson created a stir last when she was handcuffed to a Philadelphia police officer as a joke while signing autographs at The Mood in Philadelphia. The newspaper reported that Savanna was not in custody but was wearing a hot pink dress and the officer’s police hat while the pair posed for a Polaroid photo. The cop got a radio call and had to leave before anything got out of hand, but later he and three fellow cops were said to have returned to retrieve the Polaroid, where they posed for a group photo. Savanna is traveling out of the country so was not available to either confirm or deny the report.