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The Vivid Entertainment 2006 wall calendar

The Vivid Entertainment 2006 wall calendar

With a sexy photo of Vivid Girl Briana Banks on its cover, the goes on sale this month. The Vivid Girl calendar includes a four-month bonus page for September-December 2005. A classic pinup pose by Monique Alexander begins the New Year, followed by the star of The New Devil in Miss Jones Savanna Samson gazing out from behind tinted sunglasses in February. The Love Twins, Lyndsey and Lacey, turn up the heat in July while Lanny Barby does little to cool things down next fall as she illustrates September. The Vivid 2006 calendar was created by Aquarius Images and sells for $12.99 (U.S., or $16.99 Canada). It's on sale in Spencer Gifts, Tower Records Calendar Club, Glow Industries, Diamond Comics, Newbury Comics and BMG Direct and online at the company's official online store, Shop Vivid Aquarius Images is also offering 32 regular size and eight door size posters of the Vivid Girls.


Lacey and Lyndsey, the Love Twins, are scheduled to appear on The Howard Stern Show on August 24th. The girls are traveling to New York City for the show. Vivid Girl Savanna Samson is also scheduled to be on Stern, next month in connection with the premiere of The New Devil in Miss Jones. And, Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan was on the Dr. Susan Block Show on August 13th on Internet radio and selected cable stations.


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