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VIVID GIRLS STUNNING IN "GUITAR BUYER'S GUIDE"- Vivid Girls Tera Patrick, Savanna Samson, Mercedez and Briana Banks make a sensational appearance in the 2006 Guitar Buyer's Guide from the editors of Guitar World magazine . They are on the cover, dressed in black lingerie and throughout the publication, beginning with an editor's note entitled: "In Vivid Color" that features Savanna wearing nothing but a strategically placed red, white and blue guitar. All of the girls are featured in a three-page center-fold pictorial photographed by Charlie Langella, while each is the subject of two-page spreads, posed sensually with the latest in guitars and musician's gear. The final spread in the guide shows all four girls with a collection of leather straps. Guitar World magazine readers can go behind the scenes on the shoot with a special DVD inserted in the September and October issues.


Vivid has become the sponsor of the movie theatre in ""Heatville," the hot new online fantasy game. takes place in a virtual town that includes an Adult Entertainment Center. Players compete for points. The Vivid-sponsored movie theater lets the citizens of Heatville get a sneak peek at hot new movies. Says Leslie Sharp , general manager of Vivid Entertainment Online/ "Heatville has a very unique and innovative site layout which makes it more fun for the member to interact with others. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and become a staple with the online community."


Vivid Girl Savanna Samson was photographed last week by famous celebrity and fashion photographer Georgle Holtz. The photo shoot took place at Chelsea Piers , the popular entertainment and sports complex on the Hudson River on Manhattan's West Side. The results will be seen by the public in the September issue of Men's Fitness magazine. Holz is best known for his photos of celebrity magazine covers in magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan of stars like Lindsay Lohan , and for his arresting nude photos. One critic says of his nude photographs: "While some artists use nudity for a jolt, Holz' nudes are never gratuitous or shocking. Skin is simply radiant-as much a source of illumination as the sun and water that play upon it."


The popular book "How to Have a XXX Sex Life " by the Vivid Girls was the subject of an hilarious - and very explicit - segment on Playboy's "Sexcetera" TV show recently. Host Asante James interviewed Savanna Samson, Mercedez and Briana Banks then got down to brass tacks when he had a couple demonstrate sexual techniques exactly as are described in the book. As Jones said: "it's a book by highly skilled professionals who decided to make a statement in support of our first amendment rights."