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Vivid Entertainment Group has signed an exclusive licensing agreement to launch an advanced technology called Leapscan that will enable cellphone users to preview Vivid features while they shop in adult video stores. The agreement with Xobile, a subsidiary of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN), utilizes proprietary barcode scanning technology that

allows cell phone users to stream videos such as trailers of videos onto

camera-equipped mobile devices as they hold them in their hands. "This is a great technology," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid. "All consumers need to do is point their camera phone at the barcode of our DVD box. The Leapscan software in the cellphone interprets the barcode, accesses the Web browser on the phone, then either downloads or streams a video trailer from a Xobile server to the customer's wireless device. It takes a matter of seconds and the viewers will be able to tell immediately if they want to purchase a specific video. It creates a very personal relationship with our consumer."

Hirsch added that "This is such an exciting time for technology and as usual the adult sector is leading the way in creating new products and services that will invariably be in common use in a few years."


Vivid Girl Sunny Leone is the subject of a profile in the international weekly newspaper India Abroad, which chiefly has a readership of expatriate Indians. The article by Arun Venugopal says Sunny "is likely the first actress of Indian descent to join a major adult film production company in the West." Sunny

told the reporter that when she first entered the adult arena as a Penthouse model as a Pet of the Month "she had experienced an initial wave of hostility from the (Indian) community."This has faded,

however, and now "the Indian community has accepted me and [criticism is] rare"

and "a lot of people ask me for advice rather than criticizing me."


That most Main

Street of mainstream publications, USA Today, reported last week on that it called the "sex-tech combination." USA Today noted that "Online pornographers have been among the first to exploit new technology for more than a decade - from video-streaming and fee-based subscriptions to pop-up ads and electronic billing. Their bold experimentation has helped make porn one of the most profitable online industries, and their ideas are staples at Fortune 500

companies. As cyberporn pioneers venture into new fields, such as wireless

services, digital-rights management and geo-location software, their peers in

other businesses are taking notes again. One of these areas, USA Today reports, is video-on-demand billing. The paper noted that "Vivid Entertainment Group, one of the world's largest adult-film producers, is conjuring up electronic-billing systems that would let consumers download and record on CDs chunks of content. Consumers would be charged by the minute. If the idea catches on, media companies could offer classic film scenes, music videos and TV shows for a fee online."

The article's conclusion: "What non-porn consumers can expect in the next year or two from new technology inspired by porn innovators: sports and music videos sent to cell phones at a low cost. Content and ads delivered to PCs and wireless devices based on where you live and your particular tastes."


Vivid Girl Tera Patrick and her husband Evan Seinfeld (of Biohazard and "Oz" fame) are on the cover of the current issue of Savage - a magazine dedicated to "A Walk on the Wild Side." The article inside carries the headline "Outlaw Love." The accompanying pictorial is focused on Seinfeld's astonishing tattoos, which cover most of his body, with Tera appearing as the beautiful counterpoint to the macho photos of Evan. Tera is also on the cover of the June special collector's issue of Hi Beam, the hot streetcar magazine. The top cover line on the issue reads: "Vivid Star! Tera Patrick. Special Collector's Edition." Tera also is the model for the Hi Beam 2005 one-page calendar, included in the June issue.