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--- Vivid Girl Savanna Samson

arrived at LaGuardia Airport this week for what

she thought would be an uneventful flight to Memphis

for a personal appearance at the Airways

Video store. The airline schedules were

uncooperative, however, and after numerous cancelled

flights and scrambled connections, it was obvious

to Savanna that she wouldn't get to Memphis in

time for her scheduled appearance. She called

ahead and explained her predicament, suggesting

that when she finally got to town she would do

something special to make up for the messed up

travel schedule. Airways Video swung into action

and organized a raffle for a lucky customer to

win a dinner date that night with Savanna. Then,

radio station 102.3 got involved and sent a crew

to broadcast live from Airways Video when Savanna

finally arrived. All the commotion led to an invitation

to dance at the Extreme Night Club

that night accompanied by a patron, which Savanna

accepted. During the raffle at Airways, one lucky

patron of the store won a $250 gift certificate,

an 18-year-old customer named Zak won the dinner

date, while a gentleman named Walter won the right

to accompany Savanna to Extreme. Savanna dined

in style at the local Olive Garden

(Zak was thrilled and Savanna reports she had

a great time) then she went on a late date with

her second escort of the evening, Walter, dancing

all night and even helping to MC a boxing match

at the club. "It was a blast," says Savanna. "All

in all being late turned out just fine for a lot

of people. I feel I really touched some lives

and gave them a time they will never forget. I

too had the time of my life." Last week Savanna

appeared in Eatontown, NJ, where the local Asbury

Park Press newspaper also interviewed

her. Reporter Mark Voger said, "Just because you're

a porn star, doesn't mean you don't have class.

Cast in point: Savanna Samson, who is considered

one of the top actresses in the adult-film world,

is a major wine and opera buff. That is, when

she's not 'in the buff.'" Voger noted, "The actress

is disarmingly frank about what she does, and

has an answer for critics of adult films: Says

Samson: 'The reaction that I have is: Any woman

who is taking charge of her life and making it

work, whatever she may do, has to be celebrated.

Yes, it's of a pornographic nature, but I'm just

trying to build a better future for my family.

To each his own.'"

In more media exposure, Savanna was mentioned

on PAGE SIX of the New

York Post on Thursday (April 7)

as one of the celebrity attendees at a Glamour

Magazine party to honor Paula

Froelich of PAGE SIX on the publication

of her book, "It! 9 Secrets of the Rich and Famous

That'll Take You to the Top." Other invitees included

former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, magazine

bigwig Graydon Carter, and actor John Stamos.


"CON" SHOW ---Vivid

will play a role in one of the early episodes

of the new Comedy Central show

"CON. The program premiered Wednesday

April 6 and Vivid will be on the episodes that

will air in the fourth or fifth week of the show.

Comedy Central visited the new Vivid office building

near Universal City, interviewed some of the Vivid

staff, and shot the exterior of the Vivid Building

as well as the brightly lit, ultra-modern lobby.

Also, look for a Sims snowboard

with Vivid Girl Briana Banks

on it to be featured on another upcoming episode

of "Con."


Girl Tera Patrick was the only adult

star to be featured in the VH1 special on the

"40 Hottest Rockstar Girlfriends?and Wives" program

that aired Sunday March 3 and several additional

times during the week. Tera and her rockstar husband,

Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard frontman), turned up

in the #17 spot and Tera was also selected as

one of the commentators for the entire show. She

told the story of how she tracked down Evan after

seeing him on the HBO show "OZ," finally getting

a chance to meet him in September 2002. Love blossomed

and they were married in January of 2004. Commentator

Rob Tannenbaum with Blender aid "It's

no surprise that rock stars and porn stars find

each other. They lead similar lives."