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Vivid Girl Briana Banks on

cover of March '05 Xcitement Magazine.


---The March issue of Xcitement

magazine carries an in-depth and intimate interview

with Vivid Girl Briana Banks.

A sultry picture of Briana is on the cover of

the issue, with the headline: "Briana Banks: Vivid

Superstar." In the interview with Managing

Editor Cindi Loftus - who admits to being

a great fan - Briana candidly discusses her personal

challenges and how she has emerged from a dark

period, happier and more confident than ever.

She relates a hilarious story about how on her

first time as a gentlemen's club performer she

had a panic attack and burst into tears after

clobbering a man in the front row with her high

heel shoes. Today, she is relaxed on stage and

does plenty of feature dancing. She says she's

pumped about the soon-to-be released Vivid movie

"Key Party," which she enjoyed

shooting. "It is full-on seventies makeup," she

tells the magazine. "We have a blooper reel at

the end where you see me sliding off the desk

because there is too much lube. The blooper reel

is hysterical."


---When Forbes Magazine reporter

Brett Pulley decided to do a

story on the adult industry, he chose Vivid

Entertainment as his subject and the

result was published March 3rd by

In a story headlined "Media: The Porn King," Pulley

focuses on Vivid co-founder and co-CEO Steven

Hirsch. Pulley notes that Hirsch "speaks

passionately about his closely held company, its

growth prospects and the potential for an initial

public offering in the coming months. 'With all

of the new technologies and the excitement surrounding

them,' Hirsch says, 'this is the right time for

us.'" The report quotes AVN

president Paul Fishbein as saying:

"There are plenty of successful people in the

adult video business. But in terms of the video

market and the mainstreaming of the industry,

Vivid is the top. They have really led the industry

into the mainstream." The article says "Hirsch

projects that the growth of video on demand, high

definition and wireless devices will be a boon

to his business. Currently, about $25 million

comes from online sales annually, but Hirsch says

that number will more than triple over the next

several years. The company is already providing

erotic games and video clips (and other content)

to wireless phone users, but so far that business

provides just $10 million in annual revenue. However,

once age and access issues are worked out in the

U.S. and other countries, Hirsch predicts that

wireless 'will be a big business.'" As for going

public, Hirsch says it's a possibility but there

are no immediate plans. Forbes quotes Fishbein

as saying that "other competitors have attempted

to go public but failed?.If anybody can do it,

Vivid can do it. They are the one company that

has branded itself to the consumer world. People

who have not even seen an adult video have heard

of Vivid and Jenna Jameson.'"


interview with Vivid co-founder and co-CEO Steven

Hirsch was featured Sunday night (March 6th) on

the Fox News Network Fox Magazine

show about the 100th anniversary of Las Vegas.

The show notes that Las Vegas is a city of contrasts

- with adult fare just around the corner from

an exhibit of Monet paintings. It is "a consenting

adults play land," the show concluded. In his

interview, Hirsch said that Vivid is in its 21st

year now and the company is thriving with an expanding

licensing program, best-selling DVDs and the recently

opened VIVID nightclub in Las Vegas. Hirsch said

he's "never been more energized?I'm looking toward

the future because it can actually get better."

Footage of Vivid Girl Tera Patrick was also featured

on the program, showing her signing autographs

and chatting with fans at the January AVN Adult




San Fernando Valley Business Journal

says the adult industry is trending toward the

mainstream. "The trend began with? Vivid Entertainment

Group, the widely acknowledged adult industry

leader. Signing stars to two-year contracts, based

on the 'old Hollywood' model, Vivid developed

an extensive roster of Vivid girls, the most famous

being (Jenna) Jameson...In recent years, the company

has struck licensing deals on products ranging

from snowboards, to condoms, to comic books?embarked

on cross promotions with jeans manufacturer Ecko

Jeans and (an ad campaign with) Pony shoes?gone

even further into the realm of mass culture, inking

a deal with rap superstar L'il Jon, to make a

series of adult films?(and) debuted a Las Vegas

nightclub." The article is by Jeff Weiss.