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--- Vivid Girl Mercedez is a

whirlwind of energy these days. She's making lots

of personal appearances to help promote the new

Vivid book, How to Have a XXX Sex

Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide.

She reveals that she's been blown away by the

finished book: "I thought I knew most everything,

but I'm actually learning a lot from what the

other girls said. For example a technique for

shaving from Sunrise Adams is

something I'd never heard about anywhere before,

and there are plenty of other tips that are actually

new to me and I imagine to other readers." Mercedez

appeared at the recent Adult Novelty Manufacturers

Expo (ANME) at the Sheraton

in Universal City where she signed her new products

from Doc Johnson, including a

molded replica of her private parts which has

an image from Driving Mercedez Wild

on the cover. Mercedez believes it is the first

such product made without a controlling device:

the user activates it by placing a hand inside.

In addition, Mercedez' new action figure by Plastic

Fantasy will be launched at the end of

the month. A nominee for Adult Feature Dancer

of the Year in the Exotic Dancer

poll, Mercedez is also busy doing twice-weekly

live chats on her own website

One of the topics of discussion is her newest

movie, Before I Wake, which earned four stars

from AVN and a pre-nom for Best

Actress from reviewer Acme Anderson.

She just finished shooting Gathering

of Thoughts, where she says had

an amazing time with Stephanie Swift.

The two girls got so into their scene that director

Chi Chi LaRue couldn't get them

to stop


to Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide

got a good review this week in Las Vegas

Weekly, which wrote: "When you need help

on something, you go to the experts, so it only

makes sense that a book about improving life in

the bedroom (or kitchen, or airplane restroom,

or ...) would go to the women at Vivid Video,

one of the larger porn producers out there." The

review adds: " But no punches are pulled and guaranteed

it's coming from people who know their stuff."

The review is available at:


--- Vivid Girls Sunrise Adams

and Savanna Samson sparred with

Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly

Factor on Monday night (August 2nd) in

a segment about How to Have a XXX Sex

Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide. Savanna

was in the Fox News Channel studio

in New York while Sunrise appeared via satellite

from Los Angeles. "Why read a book if you can

watch your movies?" he asked. "And I intend to

watch them as soon as I have a moment. I'm a very

busy guy," he added with a laugh. Savanna and

Sunrise explained that the book was designed to

help couples have a better sex life by learning

how to please each other. O'Reilly joked that

this kind of information might be compared to

a book by Pete Rose with tips

on how to play baseball, or "moving beyond Pete

Rose into advice from Dr. Phil."

O'Reilly laughed heartily when Sunrise replied,

"Yes, except we actually know what we're doing."


MONTH --- Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson's

no-holds-barred memoir of how she became a cultural

icon goes on sale August 17th. How To

Make Love Like A Pornstar: A Cautionary Tale (ReganBooks)

is described by the publisher as "an alternately

tragic and triumphant coming of age story, a freaky

and hilarious sex romp, and a remarkable treatise

on female empowerment all rolled into one." ReganBooks

predicts that it is "destined to be one of the

most talked about books of the year." That means

ReganBooks will have at least two bestsellers

in that category, as it is also the publisher

of the new Vivid book, How to Have a XXX

Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide.


--- The television version of The

Howard Stern Show on E! Entertainment

Channel has been broadcasting separate

interviews the King of All Media had recently

on two different shows with Vivid Girls

Tera Patrick and Savanna Samson.

On one program Tera shows off her "two brand new

friends", namely her freshly augmented double-D

breasts. She also takes a turn in the Tickle Chair,

where she goes a bit crazy as the Stern crew torments

her with an annoying clown. She admits later that

she has a life-long aversion to clowns. Stern

also has a terrific time with Savanna, who visited

the show to talk about the new Vivid book, How

to Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide,

which she co-authored. It's on sale at book stores

nationwide, and on and other online


now has a link to Amazon to order the book, so

for subscribers to it's now a one-stop

shop to order videos, DVDs and the Vivid Girls'

first book.