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30, 2004


– Vivid Girl Savanna Samson

toured snow-and-ice-bound New York State and Pennsylvania

this past week, bringing much needed heat to eager

fans in several towns. She started her tour of leading

adult video stores on Tuesday in Kingston, New York,

went on to Middletown, then Binghamton, Elmira and

Port Jervis before finishing up on Thursday in Stroudsburg,

Pennsylvania. Long lines of fans were waiting to meet

her or get an autographed photo at each location,

and Savanna said she tried to bring a little warmth

to all the men and women who showed up. Savanna was

undaunted by the cold and wintry weather – she

grew up in the northernmost part of New York State,

near Plattsburgh. The tour was organized by Deluxe




The leading advertising trade magazine,

Advertising Age, published a major story on January

26th on “how hard-core sex stars are penetrating

mainstream culture.” To illustrate that “signs

to that effect are everywhere,” the article

by T. L. Stanley includes a photo of Vivid

Girl Jenna Jameson’s first Times Square

billboard. Stanley writes: “Jenna Jameson, a

Vivid Video veteran and budding franchise, looms large

over Times Square in a 48-foot-high billboard. She

has an autobiography, How to Make Love Like a

Porn Star, set for a spring release. She's hosted

television shows on E!, where she's been the subject

of a highly rated E! True Hollywood Story,

been featured on Entertainment Tonight and

in magazine stories too numerous to count. Her fellow

Vivid cohorts also have book deals

and an unscripted TV show from Emmy-winning production

company World of Wonder hitting the

air in Britain soon. The U.S. will follow.”

Actually, the title of Jenna’s book will be

“How to Make Love Like a Porn Star:

A Memoir” and the reality show about

Vivid has already made its debut in England to very

high ratings. The book from the Vivid Girls will be

published in April.

Ad Age also quotes Judith Regan

-- whose HarperCollins ReganBooks division

is publishing both the Vivid and Ms. Jameson's book

-- as saying, "There's a kinky allure, a strange

glamorous association with that (XXX) world. It's

considered tawdry, but it's still titillating. It's

been elevated in terms of its status." Ad

Age also writes, “Old-school sneaker brand

Pony used Ms. Jameson prominently, along with other

Vivid Girls, in its ad campaign last year. The brand,

at the time, was owned by Hollywood talent management

company The Firm, whose vice president of global marketing,

Come Chantrel, shepherded the campaign.

Among its roster are a number of popular rock bands

such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, whose members are linked

romantically with porn stars. ‘Porn is where

hip-hop was 10-15 years ago,’ Mr. Chantrel said.

‘It's very rock and roll. There's a rebellious,

edgy attitude to it.’"


– One of the big draws at the The SnowSports

Industries America trade show in Las Vegas

this week “isn't just about better bindings,

sleeker skis and the latest in souped-up snowboards,”

according to the Rocky Mountain News.

The newspaper reports that “adult-themed snowboards”

are drawing plenty of interest, and no wonder: the

snowboards from Sims featuring the

Vivid Girls have already sold out

for this season. What’s hot for next year? The

News says that Sims will debut a snowboard next year

featuring more Vivid Girls, Jenna

Jameson and Briana Banks,

“sitting together in a suggestive position.”

Sims director of marketing Travis Wood

says the Vivid Girls snowboards are the company’s

most popular offerings. The new Jenna-Briana board

will cost $399.