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Vivid Studio Insider for VIVID STUDIO

Vivid Studio Insider for VIVID STUDIO



DOG – A columnist for the leading advertising

and marketing publication in the country – Richard

Linnett of Advertising Age

– says it all in a column this week: “Adults

have more fun.” Writing about the marketing

cooperation between Vivid and “Wonderland”

producer Lions Gate, Linnett says

“some are calling it the ultimate crossover

deal.” He quotes a Vivid spokeswoman as saying:

“We think it is the first time a mainstream-film

company has asked for support from an adult-film company.”

Vivid Girls Mercedez and Sunrise

Adams walked the red carpet at the premiere

of the film in L.A. on Wednesday night (September

24th). The Vivid Girls looked smashing, and when Mercedez

floated down the red carpet she was practically blinded

by the camera flashes as she garnered more attention

than the Hilton sisters, who made

the promenade about the same time. The party afterwards

was held at The Avalon, the newly

reopened Hollywood club that was known as The

Palace. All of the cast and tastemakers were

indulged with sponsors’ freebies. Vivid is involved

in various "Wonderland" promotions, including

a program by which the movie trailer can be accessed

with a single interactive click on the Vivid DVD of

"Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge”

starring Sunrise. Vivid is also giving away one of

its new Sims Vivid Girl Snowboards

in a joint promotional contest with Virgin

MegaStores and has an ad in a special edition

"Wonderland" newspaper.



URB, the hot magazine of “Future/Music_Culture”

writes about Vivid and The

Porn Star Ball in its October issue, noting

that “sex and dance music are synonymous. You

can’t really have one without the other—and

have it be any fun, anyway.” URB says that “despite

the pseudo-puritan protests of some, porn sits alongside

reality TV as one of America’s dirty little

obsessions. Its defiant marketing machine has radically

affected fashion, TV, booze, movies and magazines.”

Leading the way, says writer Scott Sterling,

is Vivid. “They’ve been moving closer

to the mainstream for years, creating the prototype

of the Vivid Girl.” Sterling

writes of the adult industry and underground music:

“Both are outsider tribes that have over time

developed into industries, often in spite of themselves.

One has harnessed the eternal power of sex into a

limitless money-generating universe that grows at

an alarming rate.”


ON THE WEB – Vivid Girls Mercedez,

Sunrise Adams and Tawny Roberts

went live over the web from 5-8 pm the evening of

September 25th on

The Webcast attracted one of the largest Vivid audiences

ever. The girls answered questions from fans and teased

the online crowd – slowly taking off their clothes

during the Webcast. The chatroom went crazy as members

watched a first ever show with Tawny, welcoming her

to the family and getting a nice taste of what’s

to come from this super hot new Vivid Girl.


– Vivid Girl Briana Banks and

Savanna Samson will host the next

stop of “The Porn Star Ball”

in Denver on October 4th at The

Church (1160 Lincoln Street, starting at

9 p.m.). The Ball has drawn sell-out crowds at every

stop along the way of its 20-city odyssey across North

America, including a major party last week at The

House of Blues in Chicago.

Briana and Savanna will judge the popular “come-as-your-favorite-porn-star”

competition in Denver.

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