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Vivid Studio Insider for AUGUST

Vivid Studio Insider for AUGUST

22nd, 2003


News reporter Steve Iervolino writes

in the current issue of Time Out New York that he talked

to a woman recently who “excitedly explained that

Vivid movies saved her marriage.” He made the

remark during a Q&A session with Vivid Girl

Jenna Jameson, who replied: “I get that

all the time. I actually have a couple I’ve become

good friends with. They were having problems in their

marriage because they couldn’t have a baby. So

that put a lot of pressure on them. Then they started

watching my movies, and she got pregnant because they

were doing it all the time. They named the baby after

me. It’s so surreal!.” The Time Out New

York article is in the August 21-28 issue (page 152).


and JOE SHMO– New Vivid

Girl Tawny Roberts will be a guest on the “wheel

of destiny” segment of The Man Show

on Sunday August 24th. Who wouldn’t want their

destiny to be this sexy, blonde haired, blue-eyed former

basketball, volleyball and golf star? Tawny is also

going to be on the premiere episode of the Joe Shmo

Show on Spike TV (9:00 -11:00

pm on September 2nd ).


THIS WEEK -- The New York City press had a

field day when a huge 50-foot high billboard went up

in Times Square. The billboard shows

a scantily clad Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson,

and features the Website address. The

New York Daily News covered the billboard

story with a three-column photo on page two. Also, the

Atlanta Journal Constitution

carried an article on the mainstreaming of porn. The

story notes that The Porn Star Ball,

“sponsored by XXX company Vivid Entertainment

Group, one of the biggest producers of hard-core

sex videos in the United States, will come to Atlanta

on Sept. 5 as part of a national tour. Women are encouraged

to dress as porn stars and compete for best costume.

Instead of holding it in a strip club, Vivid is renting

the Riviera Club, a popular Midtown

music nightclub.” And The New York Times carried

an article last weekend by Dana Kennedy

that quotes Vivid Girl Mercedez. Kennedy

notes that Mercedez made her first adult movie, ‘So

I Married a Porn Star,’ last November. Mercedez

said the most popular feature of the movie is “the

behind-the-scenes ‘countdown’ to her actual

first scene. She is shown watching other performers

while a clock counts down the time before she makes

her debut. ‘I guess they just like seeing me going

through what I actually went through,’ she said.

‘They like the real stuff.


– The Porn Star Ball moves north of the border

on August 31st for a one-night stand in Calgary

at The Whiskey Nightclub (310 10th

Avenue SW, starting at 9 pm). As usually, the world

famous Vivid Girls will select finalists

in a come-as-your-favorite porn star competition, and

the winner will get a $750 cash prize. The Porn Star

Ball has drawn capacity crowds at every stop, in Chicago,

St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami so far.


for a schedule of future events.

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