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Vivid Studio Insider for JULY 11, 2003

Vivid Studio Insider for JULY 11, 2003


PORN GOES MAINSTREAM AND VIVID LEADS THE WAY -- The top story Tuesday on MSNBC's popular Countdown show with Keith Olbermann was "Porn Goes Mainstream." Vivid's co-founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch was interviewed for the program, highlights from movies starring Vivid Girls Sunrise Adams and Dasha played as Olbermann interviewed Hirsch. Olbermann said that "revile it or consume it," porn has become interwoven with the fabric of America. And, he said, the "biggest firm in an industry where biggest and firmest really matters is Vivid Entertainment." Asked the reason porn has become so much more acceptable today than it was some years ago, Hirsch said the answer lies chiefly in its accessibility. People don't have to go to a sleazy movie house to view adult films today. They can easily rent tapes and DVDs, watch it on cable tv, access it on the Internet and even get it on their wireless devices. And, he predicts, the porn industry will continue to develop because there are more growth opportunities than ever before."

JENNA IS HOT ON PAPER - Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson is the cover girl for the August issue of Paper, New York's hip nightlight magazine. Writer Amy Benfer says she's "the perfect porn star for the sex-positive generation." Paper proclaims flat out: "Let's Get Real, People: Jenna Jameson is the World's Biggest Porn Star." She's all over the magazine: on the cover wearing a teeny tee-shirt and panties emblazoned behind with a hot J.J., twice on the contents pages, and then throughout a six-page pictorial and feature inside. Benfer writes that "At the Paper photo shoot she poses covered by nothing but a strategically placed snowboard from Sims, which bears an image of herself. 'I can't ride my own board, of course,' she says. 'I'll have my man ride me. And I'll ride one of the other girls. Maybe (Vivid Girl) Briana (Banks). That would be hot.'"

SAVANNA IS ONE OF THE 25 SEXIEST STARS IN AMERICA- "Celebrity Sleuth" is a national magazine that loves to carry photos of celebrities in the nude. In the August issue editors of the magazine reveal their picks for The 25 Sexiest Stars of the Year, and among them is Vivid Girl avanna Samson. Readers are treated to an eye-popping four-page feature on Savanna. The pictorial includes a rare shot of her dancing in a classical ballet, plus several of her getting very jiggy with her girlfriends. There is even a detailed shot of her seldom-seen gold clitoral ring. Savanna tells the "Celebrity Sleuth" interviewer: "Sexuality seeps out of my pores." Other celebs chosen as among the top 25 sexiest include singer Britney Spears, Emmy-award winning actress Sela Ward, film beauty Diana Lane and Garcelle Beauvais, the curvaceous D.A. on "NYPD Blue."

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