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Vivid Studio Insider for June 6th, 2003

Vivid Studio Insider for June 6th, 2003


has published its annual list of up-and-coming adult stars and high on the charts - and on the cover of the June issue - is Vivid Girl Mercedez. The magazine that is known as the Bible of the adult industry says: "Like the fine automobile of roughly the same name, Mercedez is revved up, sexy and ready to roll!" AVN writes that Mercedez has a "slew of videos" from Vivid on the way and "it's no wonder she has become smitten with porn." Mercedez told the magazine: "Sometimes when I'm doing this I can't believe they pay me for it." The AVN story recalls that "back in 2001 we put a relatively unknown statuesque beauty named Briana Banks on our up-and-comers' cover and, well, the rest is history." Briana, of course, is a Vivid Girl. The June issue of AVN also publishes an "On the Set" feature about the filming of the upcoming Vivid feature "Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge," starring Vivid Girl Sunrise Adams. Reporter Frank Majors calls her "Superstar-on-the-rise" and says "even though this classic series has been going strong for 30 years plus, Debbie has never looked better."

ESPN HAS FUN WITH SPORTS AND SEX - In its June issue, "ESPN The Magazine" appears inspired by the Sims-Vivid Snowboards for a feature called "Naked Ambition." The magazine takes note of Vivid's deal to put the images of Vivid Girls on Sims Snowboards and says, "we can only guess at the next spawn of this shocking marriage of sports and sex." Among the possibilities: "Game programs with centerfolds?Jenna Jameson becomes Warriors' new power forward?Home runs worth more based on length? and a new cable channel that might be called "ESPN After Dark." By the way, a segment on the Vivid Snowboards will be on the Fox News Channel's "Fox Magazine" on Sunday, June 15th.

CNNfn CALLS ON STEVEN HIRSCH - Vivid co-founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch appeared this week on the CNNfn business news channel program, "The Biz." Reporter David Hafenrefer interviewed Hirsch in depth and queried him about the future of the adult entertainment business (he says it's very positive), expansion of Vivid into areas such as wireless, and the growth of the Vivid brand name in licensing programs. Hirsch said that with its focus on high quality programs for the couples markets, Vivid will continue to bridge the gap between the adult and mainstream entertainment worlds.

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