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Vivid Studio Insider for March 14, 2003

Vivid Studio Insider for March 14, 2003

Jenna Signs New Seven-Year Hitch with Vivid - Red-blooded adult film fans were thrilled with news this week that Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson has signed a new seven-year contract with Vivid Entertainment Group. She will release at least 15 movies during the life of the contract and she'll also begin directing films herself. Jenna and Vivid also revealed this week that she will star in the big-budget remake of the classic adult film "The Masseuse." She will shoot the film in Europe and the United States later this year and her male co-star will be the adult film actor and director Justin Sterling, who has directed previous films produced by the ClubJenna studio. Jenna also has the option to appear in future sequels to the popular Vivid series, "Where the Boys Aren't." Referring to her new deal with Vivid, Jenna said: "This is by far the biggest, most important film contract I have ever signed and it is also likely to be my last in the adult sector. I am excited about the opportunity to direct films, and I expect we will be announcing some other exciting developments in the near future."

South Beach is Ready to Rock at Hot Club Rumi --Vivid Girls Sunrise Adams and Savanna Samson are flying in to Miami this week for the Winter Music Conference. The girls will mingle with music industry biggies when they host an open-to-the-public party in Miami's South Beach on Friday March 21st at Rumi, which has been selected as "One of the World's Best Bars" by Black Bush Whiskey. is a co-sponsor of the party, with music spun by D.J. Kenny Summit. In the heart of South Beach (at 330 Lincoln Road) Rumi recalls the good old days of disco, with kinky mirrors, dark wood and plush velvet. It's more a "lounge" than a club but with superb Caribbean cuisine (phone 305-672-4353).

Sunrise at Playboy - Vivid Girl Sunrise Adams has a Playboy kind of week coming up. She is being photographed for a Playboy pictorial that will appear in the magazine later this year. The pictorial will cover the latest in high-tech gadgets such as PDAs and new cell phone models. Tony Hawk, the skateboarder who has won 13 X Games medals and also has designed some of the hottest video games on the market today, will also appear in the pictorial feature with Sunrise. It is being shot by leading fashion photographer Davis Factor, a great grandson of the cosmetics legend Max Factor. Also on Tuesday, March 18th (4:30 p.m. PST), Sunrise will be interviewed by Playboy Radio, one of the premium channels of XM Satellite Radio. Fans can call to talk with her during the show at 800-359-8100.

Jenna Says She'd Take Matthew, and Ed, too - Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson reveals that Matthew McConaughey and Ed Norton would be her dream dates -- together. In an interview in the March issue of Xcitement magazine she says McConaughey and Norton would be her ideal dates and as a matter of fact she'd like to go out with them "together. I'm greedy. It would be more than a date. It would be a couple of day's worth of fun. I have such a weird thing for them. And they are not that classic good-looking man. I like guys that have a personality to them." Jenna also told Xcitement editor Cindi Loftus that she thinks Howard Stern is actually a hunk. "He plays it off you know, the whole kinda nerdy, I never get girls sort of thing." But Jenna says in real life, "In person, he is an extremely good-looking guy. Oh God, girls throw themselves at him. He's really shy, so I don't think he acts on a lot of the stuff that gets thrown his way."

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