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Vivid Studio Insider for October 19, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for October 19, 2002

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Van Nuys, California - (October 16, 2002) - Vivid Entertainment Group, the world's leading producer of adult films, has begun selling Herbal Vivid, a safe, effective virility system that has been employed by male porn stars to boost libido and staying power. When used with an appropriate physical exercise plan Herbal Vivid may also help increase penis size.

Vivid has launched an aggressive Webmaster affiliate program to market Herbal Vivid, which is fast on the way to becoming the leading affiliate program on the internet today.

"Vivid has finally released one of the secrets to pleasing a Vivid Girl," according to company spokesperson Ellie Reeve. "People who have followed the adult industry know that Vivid was making hot and steamy sex movies long before the advent of that little blue pill, but few knew that Vivid's patented herbal supplement is fast becoming the secret of the success of many of the studs in the films."

Herbal Vivid Virility System, marketed in partnership with leading Internet merchant, is a unique blend of herbal supplements and vitamins compounded by top herbalists. The complete system, which has been lab tested, includes herbal supplements and a recommended exercise program, plus access to a special members' Website. The product is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For further information about Herbal Vivid, to purchase products and for information about affiliate programs visit

About Vivid Entertainment:

The Vivid Entertainment Group is the world's leading adult film company. The company places heavy emphasis on high quality erotic film entertainment for the couples market starring its internationally famous Vivid Girls. Vivid is also known for its innovative technological advances such as full function DVDs and popular Websites including and

Vivid is a major supplier of content for pay-per-view networks in North America and internationally.

Media: Ellie Reeve, 212-338-0050,; For Sales affiliate or wholesale information please email

PT Speculates on the Kinky Side of Hogan's Heroes - Pick up a copy of the November issue of FHM magazine and learn what some really kinky episodes of Hogan's Heroes might have looked like, if Vivid director Paul Thomas had been in charge. FHM asked PT to speculate about his ideas for the characters in the series. PT says Sgt. Hans Schultz "would be the jaded, closeted-homosexual millionaire." Col. Wilhelm Klink would be "the bohemian owner of a club that has poetry readings until midnight, and then turns into an S-M dungeon where he's the leader; the catch is, he's impotent." Then there's Helga, and PT would have cast her as a "lesbian warden in a sassy all-woman jail." PT gives his version of some zany plot lines for sample scenes with titles such as "Slut Rodeo 9: Bone on the Range" and "Feel das Boot." The PT piece is a companion story to the FHM preview of Auto Focus, a bio-pic that documents Bob Crane's kinky side.

Hollywood's Hottest Halloween Party --- The hottest Halloween party in Hollywood this year will be co-hosted by the Vivid Girls and an awesome lineup of celebrities: Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst; one of the world's most fun-loving heiresses, Paris Hilton; "Poor White Trash" star Jamie Pressley; film star and "Baywatch" babe Nicole Eggert, stunning model and actress Kylie Bax, and actor Scott Cann. Invitations are scarce for the private party, which will be held at a secret location. The party's sponsors include Flaunt magazine, Pony, Red Bull, The Firm, O'Bacardi and Voxx water. Vivid Girls who will be on hand include Sunrise and Taya. Four live, interactive party rooms will be set up on a huge sound stage. One room will be decked out as a Goth bedroom, another will look and feel like a dungeon, a third will be a doctor's office and the fourth will be a barn with a big swing swishing back and forth between the hay bales. Out back there will be two tents, with dancing to DJ music in one and the other offering non-stop strip shows. No wonder the party is such a hot ticket.

How Do Those Guys Keep Doing It? - Vivid has begun offering its Herbal Vivid Virility System to the public. The lab-tested system has been used by male porn stars to boost libido and staying power. Along with an appropriate physical exercise plan Herbal Vivid may also help increase penis size. Herbal Vivid is a complete system, centered around a unique blend of herbal supplements and vitamins compounded by top herbalists. You can get further information about Herbal Vivid and even purchase the system by clicking on or visit the Vivid website.

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