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Vivid Studio Insider for September 23, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for September 23, 2002

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Click here to read Savanna's wine column from 101 Magazine.

You Gotta Check This Out - Daring pictures of Vivid Girls by acclaimed fashion photographer David LaChapelle made for one of the most astonishing magazine layouts of the year -- a feature on Italian fashions for Flaunt magazine's June-July issue. Now the photos are available on the Website, and they are spectacular. The photos show the Vivid Girls dressed in high fashion accessories - and we mean only the accessories. You'll see Jenna Jameson wearing a Bulgari necklace, bracelet and watch, with boots by Miu Miu, gloves by Ferragamo-and that's all. Dasha wears pink and black boots by Antonio Beradi and black gloves by Sergio Rossi - and absolutely nothing more. You get the picture. The Flaunt magazine layout was hot, but the LaChapelle Vivid Website Collection is super hot.

Vivid's Wine Maven -- Vivid Girl Savanna Sampson has talents way beyond her steamy acting flair in Vivid features. Turns out she is really knows her stuff when it comes to fine wines. In fact, Savanna has been talking with an East Coast magazine about writing a regular wine column. We'll tell you more about this as soon as her first column is ready for publication.

Cheyenne Helps Out the Boys on "The Man Show" - If you're a fan of Comedy Central, you've seen plenty of promos for "The Man Show." The next time one of these comes on, drop whatever you're doing and pay attention. You'll probably catch Vivid's own Cheyenne Silver. She's starring in a promo spot wearing the second most favorite outfit of the guys on "The Man Show" - an itty bitty bikini.

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