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Vivid Studio Insider for May 10, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for May 10, 2002

LaChapelle Shoots the Vivid Girls -- The world famous photographer David LaChapelle shot photos of five stunning Vivid girls for Flaunt Magazine's June/July issue. The shooting took place on Wednesday, May 7th, in Hollywood at Quixote Studios and first hand reports say it was a very hot session. David LaChapelle was a prot?g? of Andy Warhol. He achieved fame for his campy fixation with white-trash culture and for placing Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Uma Thurman, Elton John and Drew Barrymore in erotic poses and contexts. His highly intense images have appeared in the world's top magazines - Rolling Stone, Vogue, The Face, Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times of London and Arena. In this week's studio session he captured Jenna Jameson, Dasha, Briana Banks, and newer girl Autumn wearing spectacular clothing from Italy's top designers. A bonus of the shoot is that it contains some of the first photos of the newest Vivid Girl, Kody.

Meet the Newest Vivid Girls June 21 - Vivid is hosting what's sure to be another a blow-out party June 21st to introduce the newest Vivid Girls. It will take place in L.A. at Garden of Eden/RockStar. Fans will get a chance to meet Chelsea Sinclaire, Savanna Samson, Autumn and our newest girl, Kody. (She hasn't been announced officially, but we can give you a heads up: She's sensational. That's all we'll tell you at the moment, but stay tuned for more about her. You're gonna love Kody.)

Jenna Jameson Will "Fix Your Dismal Life" in FHM - Jenna Jameson is giving readers of FHM magazine tips on how to "fix your dismal life. The June issue of the magazine teams Jenna with Issac Washington, the actor famed for his role as the matchmaking bartender in the classic television series "Love Boat." Her advice is both helpful and hilarious. She tells a self-described, balding, scrawny guy who wants to pick up a an attractive woman at the gym that he should start his flirtation with a joke about his physique to break the ice. She adds, "if it doesn't work out, maybe you can give her my number."

Want Better Sex? A Vivid Self-Help Book is on the Way -- Vivid has signed a contract with Kensington Publishing's Citadel Imprint for a self-help book on having sensational sex, and the authors are none other than the Vivid Girls. Their co-writer is the famed Cecilia Tan, based on extensive interviews with all of the Vivid Girls, plus Paul Thomas and some fellow adult film directors and for the masculine viewpoint, a couple of top male stars. It will be illustrated with photos of the actresses from their recent films.

Creating Kate Gets Top Review - The new Toni English-directed Vivid Video and DVD release "Creating Kate" starring Vivid Girl Taylor Hayes with Julia Ann, Tina Tyler, T.J. Hart, Mr. Marcus, Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels and Evan Stone get a top review from Gite. The story is told from a variety of very different perspectives and the viewer is left to figure out which one is true. Gite calls it an "utterly fascinating and amazingly intuitive little story presented to us by director and primary scriptwriter Toni English. That it is the basis of a porn movie just blows me away. It is a perfect example of the psychological concept of 'projection' where a person naturally assumes that everyone has the same motivations as themselves." The sex is hot, too, says Gite.

Two New Majors from Vivid this Month - "If You Only Knew," a new Paul Thomas Film starring Vivid Girls Taylor Hayes and Chelsea Sinclaire, with Claudia Atkins, Dale DeBone, Felicia Fox, Adajja and Jason McCain. Also headed for the video stores and offered by Web distributors is "Betrayed by Beauty," starring Raylene and directed by Robby D. the tagline for the film is: "What comes around goes around." The film proves how true this old adage really is.

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