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Vivid Studio Insider for May 3, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for May 3, 2002

Wednesday, May 7th, in Hollywood, California at Quixote Studios the world famous photographer David LaChapelle shot five stunning Vivid girls for Flaunt Magazine's June/July issue.

David LaChapelle is best known for his signature style, characterized by super-saturated colors, shocking poses and contexts in which he gets the likes of celebrities to appear. His images are commonly seen in publications like Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, and his interest in the surreal is the gap he bridges with mainstream and porn.

Vivid super stars Jenna Jameson, Dasha, Briana Banks, and newer girls Autumn, and Kody sported Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Prada, and Effendi for the 12-page spread. "I have wanted to shoot with David for a long time" said Jenna Jameson, "this is a dream come true."

The mergence of these two pop culture icons is only the beginning of what this represents.

Flaunt's July issue will be a special 'Tribute to Italy" highlighting all-Italian celebrities, fashion, art, architecture, design, commerce, and unique personalities and a cover adorned by Italian beauty and actress- Monica Bellucci.

Vivid Powers Streaming Video -- Forbes Magazine has a story in the current issue on how Internet video companies have "finally found a market willing to pay for their product." The article reveals that "Vivid, based in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, is the top seller of content" using a format developed by DivXNetworks, the San Diego-based creator of a formerly underground streaming-media technology. Says Forbes: "After several years of grandiose ambitions (and publicity), the producers of streaming media are trying to charge for content. But the dirty little secret is that few consumers are paying just for small and jerky images of ABC News' Peter Jennings and National Basketball Association stars on their desktops, as subscribers to RealNetworks' RealOne SuperPass get for just $10 a month. Many of them are more interested in" Vivid content.

Savanna on Stern -- Savanna Samson was on The Howard Stern Show on April 29th -- her first time as a Vivid Girl. Savanna was very open about the fact that she and her husband will often introduce a third party into their sex lives and Howard was, of course, fascinated by this tidbit. So much so that he wants to meet Savanna's husband and has invited him to appear on an E! cable television broadcast of the show.

Vivid Girls to Party With Revolver at Spa on June 5th -- Five Vivid Girls will host a "We Love New York" party at the famed club Spa on Wednesday, June 5th. The open-to-the-public shindig starts at 10 p.m. and is likely to have lines around the 13th and Broadway block in the East Village. On hand will be Dasha, Taylor Hayes, Savanna Samson, Kira Kener and Jenna Jameson and the editorial team from co-hosts Revolver Magazine. Dasha, Taylor and Savanna will be posing for pictorial sin the magazine while in Manhattan.

Stern Gets a Posse of Vivid Girls on June 7th -- The Spa party is just one of many events for the Vivid Girls in the Big Apple in early June. Savanna Samson returns to The Howard Stern Show on June 7th, and this time she's bringing a posse of sister Vivid Girls. Jenna Jameson will be on the show, along with Dasha, Taylor Hayes and Kira Kener. Howard plans to have the Vivid stars play a variation of the television game "The Weakest Link." Be sure to have your clock radio set to get you up by 8 a.m. on June 7th so you don't miss this program, which will surely be a Stern classic.

Jenna on Extra -- The hot syndicated television entertainment show Extra will run a segment on Jenna Jameson on Friday May 10th. Extra sent a camera crew to film the body scan of Jenna for her new talking doll (out later this year from Plastic Fantasy) and will also talk about her new column in FHM magazine, which will begin appearing in the June issue.

San Fernando Valley Business Journal -- The San Fernando Valley Business Journal interviewed AVN senior editor Mark Kernes on April 29th and he was asked about Vivid Entertainment. Here's part of the Q&A from the article: Q: Vivid Entertainment is one company that has caught the attention of the mainstream business media. Why is it the exception so far? A: They're the shining example. Vivid was the first to sell its films to Playboy and Playboy is about as mainstream as you can get and still be sexual. That gave Vivid the impetus to say, "Yes, John Q. Consumer, we also have this product or this service available."

Fade To Black Still Shining Bright - Back in January Vivid's "Fade to Black" won eight AVN Awards in Las Vegas, and it also swept the XRCO honors in Los Angeles this spring. Now the Annual Porn Awards issue of Adam Film World Guide XXX Illustrated is out on newsstands and being delivered to subscribers this week, and it has named "Fade to Black" as the Best Adult Film for 2001. Paul Thomas was named Best Director of the year for his work on the film, star Taylor Hayes was named Best Actress in a Film; and Jane Waters was given the Best Cinematography award.

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