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Vivid Studio Insider for March 15, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for March 15, 2002

PARTY!!! -- The Wet Grooves Party @The Shelbourne Hotel poolside, March 25th, 2:00pm. More info here!

Waiting for Savanna -- Savanna Samson has become the newest Vivid Girl. Her first feature will be out shortly and she has a contract for eight titles initially. Savanna is familiar to fans of the The Howard Stern Show and she's danced at Scores, the famous adult club in New York City.

Chi Chi's With Us -- Chi Chi LaRue has won many GayVN Awards in his career, but look for him to start winning them for his straight work under an exclusive contract with Vivid. His directorial debut for non- gay and bisexual movies is with "Where the Boys Aren't 14" which won an AAAAA Editor's Choice in AVN's March issue. Chi Chi is also directing another feature in the all-girl "Where the Boys Aren't" series which will be released later.

Jenna and Her Playmates -- If you're a DVD fan you'll want to keep an eye out for "Jenna's Play House" -- the first "mature" title Vivid has produced specifically for DVD. Said our own sales maven and DVD creative director Jim Monroe: "We've got the biggest star in adult. We've got the equipment. We've got the technology. We know how to do these now. All the techniques you see us doing here we've been doing with the Virtual Vivid stuff, so we decided to apply that to this and it's working like a charm so far," The first installment of "Jenna's Play House" will be released in April.

What's After DVD? -- Vivid is always hard at work introducing new features and options to our DVDs. We're also getting ready to bring you Digital VHS, or D-VHS. This technology was introduced at the last Consumer Electronics Show and resolution of the new format is even better than DVD when used with high-definition televisions. Furthermore, the playback decks will be compatible with the existing VHS format. One of those babies will set you back about $2,000 at current prices.

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team -- Vivid is once again at the top of the list at the upcoming X-Rated Critics Organization awards show on April 11 in Los Angeles. Among our nominees for Film of the Year is AVN Award winner "Fade to Black," "Bad Wives 2" and "Marissa." Not surprisingly, Paul Thomas is up for Director of the Year, while three of our girls are up for single performance by an actress -- Cassidey for her role in Marissa, Taylor Hayes for "Fade to Black." John Decker is up for Single performance by an actor for his work in "Marissa" while Randy Spears gets that nomination for "Bad Wives 2." We'll bring you full results in April.

BLJ Is HOT! -- The Jenna Jameson-Briana Banks title "Briana Loves Jenna," is flying off the shelves in DVD format only a week after its release by Vivid Interactive. Our General Sales Manager Howard Levine says BLJ is now the #1 selling Boy/Girl Video in VHS and also the #1 selling DVD simultaneously.

Speaking of Briana -- You can bid on a chance to be on the set during the making of Briana Banks' next film. There's a bidding war underway on the new Internet Auction site ( http:/ As we go to press the bidding is at $416 and there are two days left (til March 17th) -- so the price could be a bargain! The filming will take place between March 25th and March 27th, in Los Angeles. And, you'll get your picture taken with Briana Banks and the other actresses.

It'll be a Magic Night -- On April 27th Vivid Entertainment Group wraps the first week of photo shooting for an Internet site featuring photos of gorgeous Vivid Girls alongside shots of top celebrity pinup models from (M&B). We'll celebrate at a private mansion in the Hollywood Hills with the Vivid Girls and big-name photographer Harvey Butts at a gala "Magic Erotica Night" wrap party with magicians performing naughty magic tricks.

Jenna Takes Cincy -- If you were in Cincinnati this week it was hard to miss

Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson. She was in town visiting the two Hustler Hollywood

retail stores to promote the best-selling "Briana Loves Jenna" DVD. About

1,000 men and women lined up outside the upscale Hustler Hollywood store in

downtown Cincinnati on Thursday night for a chance to see the world's #1

adult star. They bought $10 coupons redeemable for Hustler merchandise that

also earned the right to get an autograph from Jenna. Only 300 people made it

inside to chat briefly with Jenna, and the rest were told that their coupons

will put them at the head of the line at Jenna's second personal appearance

Friday night at the Hustler Hollywood Ohio store in nearby Monroe, Ohio. By

the way, about 70 percent of the customers at the Hustler stores are couples

and women!!!

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