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Vivid Studio Insider for February 22, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for February 22, 2002

PARTYING AT MOOMBA -- Vivid hosted a record release party at Moomba in L.A. with Revolver magazine, PONY apparel and Brent Bolthouse Productions for the solo debut of Fieldy from Korn entitled "Fieldy's Dreams, Rock n Roll Gangster." Vivid Girl Dasha and former Vivid contract actress Heather Hunter were the centers of attention, particularly when they played pool with such onlookers as Rod Stewart, Mathew Perry, Billy Zane, Ashley Hamilton plus Korn members Stephen Dorf and Jonathan Davis.

CHEYENNE ON SIZE -- You have got to get a copy of the current issue of the magazine "101" (Issue 4/Volume 1), which has a sensational interview with Cheyenne Silver (they say watching her videos is "the leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome in men."). Cheyenne has great news for the vast majority of us small-to-average guys. She was asked "how much does size matter?" Her answer: "If you have something that is too big, it hurts. I would say that average size is the best because you got what you need there, and it doesn't hurt. Even if it's really small there is still some sensitive feeling there that is different. It's good in its own way."

MORE FROM THE GERMANS: The Germans are continuing their love affair with Vivid, with yet another piece on our company in the Erotik section of the Website of the main German television network, RTL ( The site gets 160 million hits a month, and this month visitors will see a story about Chasey Lain and a link to an article about Vivid a featured picture of Briana Banks and then links to other Vivid Girls. Check it out-- it's a good way to practice your German.

FOR MATURE ADULTS ONLY -- Our colleagues over at Vivid Interactive are preparing a "mature themes" line, featuring Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson. The mature themes series will be shot using four Betacams, a 60-foot jib and lots of tease and pretty girl poses.

STEP ON THIS THIRD RAIL -- Vivid Girls Kira Kener and Taylor Hayes have been in Las Vegas to help introduce a line of clothing for the big men's design firm Third Rail. Third Rail will be using photos of Vivid Girls on hangtags of the clothing line and will co-host parties with Third Rail at big conventions such as the MAGIC Show.

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