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Vivid Studio Insider for February 15, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for February 15, 2002

Cheyenne: Check out Stuff magazine this month. It has a Q, T & A. section has a terrific and very candid interview with our own Cheyenne Silver. Says Stuff: "She's Cherokee, French and Irish. Whatever your sexual styling, Vivid Girl Cheyenne has been there/done that, as the extremely convenient clich? goes." Asked if she gets horny on the set, she answers the question every fan wants to pose: "I keep it business, I don't get attached to anyone I work with, but when I am working I do get very into it and I will get off, on almost every set. It's very sexual." She says Shane's World 19. was the strangest video she ever made because she and the rest of the actors just wandered around Key West and "the producers "just followed us around having fun as a group, and whoever ended up having sex they filmed as a scene." She also loved filming "Vivid Extreme Close-up" because she got to ride a horse naked. You can find the Q, T & A interview at:

Party Time: The Vivid Girls, Pony, Revolver and Brent Bolthouse Productions are hosts of the 'Fieldy's Dreams' Record Release Party, Friday, Feb. 15th in West Hollywood. "Fieldy's Dreams, Rock n Roll Gangster" is the first solo project for Fieldy from Korn. The Epic album features appearances from Tre (The Pharcyde), Jonathan Davis (Korn), and Sondoobie (Funkdoobiest). One more good reason to check in often at Five lucky visitors to, and were awarded tickets to the party, got CDs signed by Fieldy and were slated to pose for pictures with the Vivid Girls and Fieldy. By the way, after a 15-year absence from the market, PONY is being re-launched in spring of 2002. PONY, which was a billion-dollar brand, will now tap into its original roots as the leading irreverent brand in the sports and lifestyle markets.

Dasha's Dish: When Vivid Girl Dasha went on the air on radio shows around the country on Valentine's Day she gave listeners some mighty fine tips on how to please their mates. Our favorite: "Give each other 'love coupons' good for redemption as you specify." The possibilities are endless.

Porn in the Salon: Everyone had an opinion of the PBS "Frontline" documentary "American Porn" (which aired in many cities last Thursday), produced and directed by Michael Kirk, and written by Kirk and Peter J. Boyer. There was at least one good commentary, carried on the Website Salon makes due mention of the program's reference to "the upscale 'couples' porn produced by Vivid Video," but the article says "'American Porn' steadfastly refused to consider what the mainstream acceptance of porn might say about America's sexual habits or its changing attitude toward censorship." Interesting reading at

Hot Auction Items: If you've never participated in an online adult auction, this week might be a good time to start. The Vivid auction site ( is featuring a limited edition PocketChix CD autographed by Taylor Hayes, an autographed copy of the June 2001 Penthouse in which Briana Banks displays ALL of her charms, and an autographed full-size poster of for "Briana Loves Jenna" signed by both stars.

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