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Vivid Studio Insider for January 25, 2002

Vivid Studio Insider for January 25, 2002

What you missed: On the final night of the way-independent film festival Slamdance in Park City Utah, Vivid, Giant L.A. and the Slamdance folks tossed a little party in the famed Silvermine. About 3,000 people came and there was a line of cars two miles on the hill leading up to the converted mineshaft where the party (and the festival awards ceremony that preceded it) was held. There was lots of buzz about Slamdance this year as it becomes a more recognized competitor to Sundance. Even the staid New York Times ran a big piece on the festival (The New York Times, January 21: "Outsiders Capture the Spirit of the Early Sundance") by reporter and movie reviewer Elvis Mitchell.

Wanna sneak a peek behind the curtain of the recent AVN Awards Show in Vegas? Just watch Fox Magazine on the Fox News Channel on Saturday, Jan. 26th. Fox sent a crew to follow some of the Vivid Girls and find out why this event is such a hot ticket. So check your local cable listings and tune in for two separate segments of what's bound to be some pretty sexy network tv. Talkin' about the AVN Awards, as everyone knows Vivid swept the Best Film awards with eight honors going to "Fade to Black." Watching the video, you totally know that Vivid Girl Taylor Hayes is not just steamin' hot in this flick she is clearly enjoying every nano second of it. By the way, ever wonder what director Paul Thomas ( P.T.) is really like? Well, P.T. won Best Director Award for a non-sexual performance in "Fade to Black" for his powerful and diabolical role as director Trent Morgan. We think he turned in a chilling and very real performance. Let us know if you think he has a future as an actor.

If you love Vivid Girl Jenna Jameson (and who doesn't?) pick up the February issue of Oui magazine and you will more of what makes her a Super Star. If a peek at Oui doesn't do it for you, you'll soon be able to pick up a little, seven-inch tall, absolutely anatomically correct Jenna action figure, including her super-long legs right up to the "pink" private parts, life-like breasts with nipples, and Jenna's signature "Heartbreaker" tattoo on her right buttock. The "Jenna Doll" adult action figure was created by the famed Jerry Macaluso, CEO/Founder, Plastic Fantasy, Inc, who has done action figures and toys based on "Star Trek," "Aliens," "Predator," "Spiderman," "Power Rangers," "Resident Evil," Playboy and Bruce Lee properties. But Jenna is the world's first ever "adult action figure," and of course she's geared to folks (boys and girls) over the age of 18. You can buy her at Hustler retail stores and on the web at

Yeah, yeah, yeah?e all love Jenna, but Vivid Girl Briana Banks really loves Jenna in "Briana Loves Jenna." And apparently so do connoisseurs of the finest adult videos. The VHS has become an instant best seller and the word is out that it may reach "all time classic best seller status." It's already No. 1 in both sales and rental at Tower and other leading retail stores.

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