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Vivid Studio Insider for December 21, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for December 21, 2001

Halloween is long gone but the pictures live on. Flaunt and Vivid's Rock 'n'

Roll Halloween Party is pictured in this month's issue of their magazine.

Check the likes of Vivid's celebrity guest list- Tara Reid, Leonardo de

Caprio, Billy Corgan, and Ben Affleck all sporting their best incognito

threads. World on Wheels will never be the same and neither will our friends

that had to wait in line and didn't get in!

It's that time of year, people. Like the smell of fresh cut grass during

baseball season, or the flowers in bloom that say " It's Spring!"...... It's

January and that means Adult Entertainment Expo and Internext in Vegas,

baby. Every adult company attends, but is dwarfed by the almighty Vivid

booth. Yes, size does matter. Did I mention the Vivid girls would be there

meeting and greeting? That's right...... Briana, Kira, Cheyenne, Jenna,

Taylor, Chelsea, and Dasha will be in the flesh and classing up the place

from the 9th-12th. Internext is the show for the web guys, and that doesn't

mean our girls won't be there representing. Jenna and the rest of the Vivid

girls will be there too on the 8th. And if that's not enough to satisfy you

greedy sex starved homosapiens, how about the AVN awards ceremony on the

11th. Don't you think we should appreciate all the talent in one room

instead of just in our bedroom? Can't miss this one! This is the World

Series of porn!!!!!! 61 nominations! Gee, it's anyone's guess this year.

Tony Bruno and Fox Sports radio welcomed Vivid Super star Jenna Jameson this

morning. Jenna made her picks as the Fox boys did some picking of their

own......their jaws from the floor. She did the deed and picked her teams,

and who's going to argue with her? Everybody loves Jenna.... especially


(with a Harry Carrey segway) Speaking of Briana, our girl spoke...with

Chilli Walker from WWDX Holt, Michigan on "The Naked Ride Home". Sexy

Holiday ideas were the topic as Briana contributed to the list; she left out

the best idea of all...Briana in my stocking.

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