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Vivid Studio Insider for October 5, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for October 5, 2001

Tons more PHOTOS of the world's most gorgeous porn stars in outrageous XXX action! In case you haven't noticed, we've redesigned the Vivid web site to be more user friendly, easier to navigate and we've added more photos, videos and special features. And it's only going to get better! In a few short weeks we'll be adding our entire library of "lost" Vivid photos from the greatest XXX movies ever made, so stay right here. You won't be disappointed!

Sports and hot babes! What could be better? Well what's better is that the hot babes are Vivid Girls and that's what's in the works over at the FOX TV network. One of the honchos at Fox TV's Sport Center is pushing hard to get the Vivid Girls to appear on the show. Can you imagine a Sunday afternoon with football, beer and Vivid Girl T&A? It's just too much. Think about it. A touchdown highlight followed by Raylene jumping up and down with her tits bouncing all over your screen. Better get that big screen TV fast!

And if you're looking to slow down your weekend pace a little keep you eyes open for Stuff magazine. Word ha it that Vivid Girl Cheyenne is meeting with the magazine right now for a feature that'll give new meaning to the words "sweet stuff."

If you're in the Denver area be sure to check the interview with Vivid Girl Raylene Friday, November 2nd on "The Uncle Nasty Afternoon Drive Show." Check you local listings for station and time.

A writer recently visited a Vivid film set for a column on the site called "I Did it for Science." One of the site's editors reported that the writer had a "great experience" and is now looking to get some photos to accompany the story. Guess he was too "nerv"-ous to shoot the naked babes while he was there.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Speaking of photos, stay tuned and keep on the lookout for online personalized posters of Vivid Girls as well as upcoming calendars. Shhhh, don't tell anyone we told you or you won't be the first to get your horny hands on them.

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