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Vivid Studio Insider for September 7, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for September 7, 2001

So you say you want autograph photos of the Vivid Girls heh? Well you lucky dogs, if you're around the Hermosa Beach, California area September 21st your dream can come true. Vivid .com and The World Party are celebrating (?) "back to school" at the 705 club in Hermosa Beach.

The bikini and bodies bash will be hosted by the world famous Vivid Girls and in addition to the free photos there'll be T-shirt and DVD giveaways. So Check out the 705, Friday September 21st 705 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach. Tickets are $15 in advance $20 at the door.

So you think CNN is nothing but boring middle-age guy news? Well, CNN's "People in the News" is interested in sending a crew to the next production of a music video with the Vivid Girls and possibly using that visit as a springboard for a profile on Vivid with expanded coverage to CNN News and CNN Headline News. What's next, "Naked CNN News?"

More TV news for Vivid. Warner Bros.' new fall show "Off Centre," will use mock ups of three nurse-themed videos, "Hot Naughty Nurses," "Turn Your Head &Cough," and "Nurse Sweaty," in a future show. The mock-ups will have the Vivid logo and were designed to look like actual Vivid videos.

The Vivid Girls are even getting into TV sports casts. Bill MacDonald of Fox Sports TV/The Sports Roundtable, is interested in having a sports savvy Vivid Girl on his show for game "color." Well Bill, the Vivid Girls favorite color of course is "blue."

In the world of magazines, FHM-For Him Magazine is interested in presenting a double-page spread with interviews featuring at least five Vivid Girls for its January "sex" issue. And Paul Karon of Men's Fitness said that he was very pleased with his recent interview with Dasha. "She's really nice and really real," he said.

Dutch Penthouse recently requested photos of Vivid Girl Chelsea and the magazine said it's also interested in interviewing Briana and Jenna for the same issue, so keep you eyes peeled for this import.

On the web,, a popular, sex-oriented mainstream website wants to send their "I did it for science" writer to visit a Vivid set. Hmmmm, sounds like "weird science" to us.

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