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Vivid Studio Insider for July 13, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for July 13, 2001

Vivid Girls Taylor H ayes, Dasha and Briana will make Philadelphia the hottest destination on the planet next week and it's not because of the X-Games, but because the porn superstars are inviting all their fans to meet them at the KatManDu club and restaurant on Saturday, August 18th.

The party starts at 10:30PM when the Vivid Girls will be signing their special photos, giving away T-Shirts, videos/DVDs and showing off their wakeboarding skills. Well, okay?champion wake boarder Mike Weddington will be performing in the Delaware River, right in front of the club and the Vivid Girls will be showing off what's filling their new bikinis.

Don't miss it!!! Call 215-629-7400 or visit The KatManDu club is located next to The New Penns Landing Festival Pier, Pier 25N. 417 N. Columbus Blvd.

Vivid Girl Dayton fans take note!! The blonde hottie will be performing live in another all exclusive Vivid webcast July 26. There will be plenty of flesh and toys galore as delicious Dayton does it all right on your computer screen.

And don't forget to tune into the Howard Stern radio chow on the E Channel next Monday, July 16 when it's Interactive Shock Jock Time once again as "Gary The Retard," Vivid Girl Dasha, Vivid Interactive Director Dyanna Lauren and Kelsey all reveal exactly what went on when "Gary The Retard" came to Los Angeles to start his directorial debut for Vivid.

As you all know, the Vivid/Gary The Retard project was born on April 3rd, when Howard put Gary on the phone with Vivid Girl Dasha, who then invited Gary to come and direct numerous scenes in The Interactive Shock Jock DVD! Catch "Gary The Retard" and all of the wacky antics that went on behind the scenes. Interactive Shock is available now at your favorite store.

SHHHHHHH?.For Vivid web members only. One wild party is being planned for July 26 that'll be co-sponsored by Vivid and Details Magazine. Want the "details?" Just keep watching Vivid News - there are clues galore!.

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