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Vivid Studio Insider for June 21, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for June 21, 2001

Summer's blazing into the world of Vivid! Steamy and creamy Vivid Girls Dayton and our brand-new star, Briana Banks, are hosting the National Bikini contest in Deerfield Ohio on July 6 and 7. If you thought you saw fireworks on the 4th of July just wait 'til these porn beauties lead a host of hot bodies through a wet and wild bikini "bounce-a-thon" in America's heartland. So if you're in the Ohio area on those dates come by and say hi to your favorite Vivid Girls. Just maybe they'll show you their tan lines.

And the heat continues to burn after Briana finishes her bikini duties. The newest, nudest and rudest Vivid Girl will be appearing in a sizzling webcast with none other than Vivid favorite, the legendary raven-haired Raylene. This is one lesbo-fest you can't miss as these two gorgeous sex-crazed girls go at it exploring each other's bodies like they hadn't had a sweet pussy in years.

Keep checking back here for the official time and date of the webcast that's being billed as the 'baddest, burning hot-bodies of summer!"

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