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Vivid Studio Insider for March 16, 2001

Vivid Studio Insider for March 16, 2001

Think only guys like hard, raunchy sex with the Vivid Girls? Well, they do, but we're betting that women want to see the steamy action too. Vivid is now sponsoring an ongoing "Fantasies and Dreams" competition to find outstanding erotic writing and art appealing primarily to women. A collection of the best works will be published on anew website just for women called "vivid4women."

Vivid will present awards each quarter to finalists for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography and artwork. Winners will receive "love baskets" containing Vivid Videos and DVDs and the latest sex toys from

"We welcome submissions from both men and women - but the only criterion is that the material be created primarily for the enjoyment of women," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman and a founder of Vivid. "We expect that winning submissions will be used in other Vivid venues, including videos, The Hot Networks on pay-per-view cable and satellite, and possibly even in a book publishing program.

"We have been a leading provider of erotic entertainment for men and we've recently had an increasing number of requests from the wives and girlfriends of our male customers to create more content for women," said Mr. Hirsch. "We began experimenting earlier this year with a special 'women only' section on our Website and the response has encouraged us to open a separate female-oriented site."

Vivid4women will include photos, video and excerpts of outstanding novels, short stories, poems, artwork and other material and will have a special section for "Fantasies and Dreams" submissions. Members of the site will be allowed to cast their votes for their favorite material.

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