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Charmed Forces



All Gail and Nicki wanted was a new place to live. Little did they know the neighbors would welcome them so warmly. Little did they know the Neighborhood Watch Program was about to open windows and binoculars. And little did the neighborhood know just who they were up against. Gail. Nicki. Next time you need to borrow sugar- one of them will be right over.

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Diedre, first revealed, now unveiled, She started as a video virgin, then she realized there was passion inside her wanting to emerge. Now, she's ready for the next plateau.

Portrait of Christy

Christy Canyon is finally breaking out. After years at the edge of true sexual libations, she's joined with Vivid to explore her deepest sensuality and delve into her wildest fantasies. This is her first. A Portrait of Christy. A brand new portrait. A brand new Christy.

Where the Boys Aren't #3

Six horny former showgirls stranded after their boat capsizes off the coast of who-knows-where. We call it "Shipwrecked Showgirls." You'll call it Tori Welles, Jamie Summers and Heather Hunter naked on your TV. But that's okay. These art films are meant for personal interpretation. Enjoy.

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